Human-Centered Designer
using her skills for good.


Hi, I'm Liz.


I am a research-driven Product Designer with expertise in User Experience, working to create tools, services, and communities that combat Wicked Problems in our social systems.

I shine light on underlying human needs through design research, and use those conversations to ultimately inform every aspect of a product - aligning stakeholder goals with business goals.

I am a master synthesizer, systems thinker, and story-teller, using my graphic design background to craft compelling, emotion-oriented experiences.

I work with startups to develop design-thinking cultures from the ground up, and facilitate co-design activities with users to help create the futures they need.

I design things with others,
not for them


Can carpooling reduce K12 teacher turnover?

A case study of my MFA Thesis Work


Slowing It Down

A study of fast fashion and consumer behavior patterns


Can a board game illustrate family homelessness in NYC?

A case study of game theory and empathy