Human-Centered Designer
using her skills for good.


Hi, I'm Liz.


I am fascinated by the way people think:  What we care about, how we behave, and ultimately, how we make decisions. 

I believe in design as a tool to catalyze major changes in complex, human systems, particularly education, healthcare, and human rights/poverty.  

I am empathic and helpful by nature, and I feel most alive when I'm bringing out the best in others.  

I look at the world from all angles and work across disciplines to solve problems, innovate and collaborate.   

I am a human-centered designer. 


Can carpooling reduce K12 teacher turnover?

A case study of my MFA Thesis Work


Slowing It Down

A study of fast fashion and consumer behavior patterns


Can a board game illustrate family homelessness in NYC?

A case study of game theory and empathy